Saturday, December 26, 2009

2nd #Coffeeclub Challenge

As everyone knows the 1st #Coffeeclub Challenge was a successful one which was given to @cheth to post a avatar (DP) without the Shades. @Cheth accepted the challenge & did change his DP, i think he kept that DP for nearly a week, this shows his real frolicsome person.

Now the 2nd #Coffeeclub Challenge goes to @ArunBasilLal to change his DP, thats bcos ever since i have been following him i think he haven't changed his DP ever, but still he's a very good friend of @rMiLaNa who is famous for taking her own picx with her mobile everyday mostly at after midnight and posting it the very next morning.

At times even @ArunBasilLal was more keen on what @rMiLaNa will publish her DP or what kinda improvisation she will be doing to her DP.

Now iam Challenging @ArunBasilLal to take up this challenge & change his DP for a week's time condition: No adding any socks or any sort of stamp over the DP. This will not be excepted.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Milana.

The Twitter CoffeeClub wishes its pride Owner a very happy n warm Birthday.

Hey buddy wish u many more happy returns of the day...

Side by side or miles apart
True friends are always close to your heart
Whether you're turning five or fifty-five
You know that we all are true friend because you're here beside us
we are here, right now, on your special day
So lets give a cheer for you, hip, hip, hooray!

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