Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yes! Jackie Chan now on Twitter!

Hi All!

I believe everybody on twitter knows what spam,bot and celebrities wanna be are.

"Celebrities wanna be" are those people who pretend to be one of the celebrities,by using the name and picture on their Twitter ID,that's why Twitter finally come up with a Verified Account

Last time i stumbled on @Cheth's tweet about Jackie Chan on twitter ( @EyeofJackieChan ) i was happy because he is one of my favorite actor of all time! (i repeat) of all time.

Before i decided to follow him,i do my routine by checking on his bio,picture and his twitter stream,then i was wondering why Jackie Chan does not have a Verified Account ?,because this is common for some celebrities or a wellknown public figure to have a verified account to avoid those kind of fake celebrities/celebrities wanna be.

But then i saw one of his twitpic and then i believe that behind this account there is a real Jackie Chan.

So for those fans of Jackie Chan around the world,now you can follow him on twitter > @EyeOfJackieChan and get lots of interesting updates from him or his Assistant Victoria.

Dear Jackie Chan welcome to twitter!!


Your biggest fans!


Check out Jackie Chan's filmography : Jackie Chan’s Filmography

Visit Jackie Chan's official website : JackieChan.com

Blog updated : Congratz on verified account Jackie Chan!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Cheth !

So,this is the second post of Birthday wishes to another member of the coffeeclub. (thank you @venksh for the idea of a birthday wishes )

As of today January 07,2010 Cheth is celebrating his birthday and we are from the twitter coffee club wish him a many happy returns!

I believe Cheth also have seen this > Head Lines India

Congratulation Cheth for winning The Best Indian Twitterer 2009 of Hiflyers Awards 2009 with 106 votes!! you deserved it buddy !.

I think you got the best birthday gift ever,YAY! (^_^)/

So everyone you can wish Cheth for both his birthday and for winning the above awards by posting your comment below.

Thank you



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