Friday, September 18, 2009

When #twitmovie is on! (Grab your twopcorn)

I have to admit that last night i have fun on twitter, because of the #twitmovie (twitter movie) was on.
I saw one tweet with that #hashtag and thought of that was a fun thing to do,
#twitmovie : People are playing a game where they insert a derivation of the word "tweet" into an existing movie title to make a new movie title. via todayztrend

Here are my tweets for #twitmovie :

1. Chronicles of Twitmania : the follower,the spam and the fail whale (original movie : Chronicles of Narnia : the Lion,The witch and the wardrobe)

2. Tweetformers : revenge of the fallen whale (original movie : Transformers : Revenge of the fallen)

3. Tweet wars V : the follower strike back (original movie : Star Wars V : The Empire Strike back)

4. Austin followers : the spy who tweeted me (original movie : Austin Power: The spy who shagged me)

5. Lord of the tweet : return of the follower (original movie: Lord of the Ring : Return of the King)

6. Lord of the tweet : the two followers (those who follow back and those who doesn't) (original movie : Lord of the Ring : the two towers)

7. Lord of the tweet : the fellowship of the followers (original movie: Lord of the ring : the fellowship of the ring)

8. Be kind re-tweet (original movie : Be kind rewind )

9. The memoirs of a tweet (original movie : The memoirs of a geisha)

10.The twast and the twurious (original movie: The fast and the furious)

11.Twinderella (original movie : Cinderella)

12.Pirates of the Caribbean: At tweets end (original movie : Pirates of the Caribbean : At world end)

13.Burn after tweeting (original movie : Burn after reading)

14.Dude Where's My Followers? (original movie : Dude where's my car?)

15.James Bond : Licence to Tweet (original movie : James Bond-Licence to kill)

16.Rumble in the Tweets (original movie : Rumble in the Bronx)

17.Romeo must tweet (original movie : Romeo must die)

18.Teenage Mutant Ninja Twitters (original movie : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

19.The whole nine tweet (original movie: the whole nine yard)

20.Harry twitter : Half blood follower (original movie: Harry Potter : Half blood prince)

21.Tweetless in Seattle (original tweet: sleepless in Seattle)

22.While you were tweeting (original movie : while you were sleeping)

23."Twick" remote control of twitterverse (original movie : Click )

24. 50 first tweet (original movie : 50 first date)

25.Twitformers : revenge of the retweeted (original movie : Transformers : Revenge of the fallen)

I think that's about enough, and i was spammed my followers stream indeed,i think i lost like 10 followers,oh well..but its ok! i was having fun (^_^)

Here what makes it more interesting :
the tweet from @spillcrew ( found it via @buzzedition )

"Time for some generosity,follow us and @ us your #twitmovie ideas, best one gets a Spill T-shirt..u know you want 1"

If you click on #twitmovie you will find alot of funny movie titles,some are similar one another,yes! we know its because the original title are well known :P

Here are the top 6 most interesting #twitmovies title ( #coffeeclub version) :

1.Twitter Rise of the Avatars via @DaBulGee

2.Fahreinheit 140" @SGStrong

3.A few good tweet via @Kaye723

4.Free Fail whale via @Grog42

5.How to loose followers in 10 tweets starring Kanye west via @cdecamps

6.Rambo: First Tweet via IanFHood

Right now we are currently waiting for @spillcrew to announce the winner of the Spill T-shirt,and surely will update it in this blog once it announced. :D

Before i forgot,i also have 2 #twitmovie for #followfriday edition :

1. The three must-retweets ( @cheth @buzzedition @Jason_Pollock) (original movie : the three Musketeers)
explanation : the idea is to recommend 3 people on twitter that their tweets always a must retweet

2.Twantastic 4 : Golden twiterers ( @mistygirlph @minervity @kobyb @virtuosoblogger ) (original movie : Fantastic 4 : Silver Surfer)
explanation : the idea is to recomend 4 fantastic people of the day

I hope you enjoy this post and you can come up with your own #twitmovie,its easy and fun! so feel free to post it on the comment box.

Thank you all for reading this post and hope you will find it interesting.


Image credit : 9GAG

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