Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coffeeclub Member's Intro

Name : RMILANA (Milana Ryan)

Location : Indonesia.

HOD of Coffeeclub, A person who kick starts everything from Coffeeclub to changing my Username and much more. She tweets unique style of smileys which you cant find in any of the applications. If you people need Starbucks Coffee ask her.

Website: dEwDrOpS

Follow Her On Twitter : @rmilana

Name : Chethan (Cheth)

Location : India (Manipal, Karnataka)

Though Rmilana started the Coffeeclub Its Cheth who created it and its because him iam here writing my first post on Coffeeclub Blog. This post isn't enough to describe this guy's talents an awesome Web-Designer, superb Blogger, Pro in designing Twitter Background and also Blogger Template, experience yourself because Coffeeclub template is given by him which so awesome. Very kind at Heart, always ready to help his friends at any time and loves reunion.

Website : Cheth Studios {design + code}

Follow Him On Twitter : @cheth

Name : Sudhersana (Sudha)

Location : India (Noida)

A very energetic person of Coffeeclub, RT queen of twitter, Award winner blogger, Very Adorable Terror Person lol. Twitter is her second home, will be available any time for her friends on Twitter.

Website : Sudhersana

Follow Her On Twitter : @dharshana

Name : Ramkarthik (Ram)

Location : India (Chennai)

A Charming person of the Coffeeclub, Heartthrob guy in his College, 19 years old PS: Still Single(all you beautiful ladies take a note of it) superb blogger, freelance writer and copywriter. My Awesome BRO.

Website : Blogging Tune (Tips On Blogging, Making Money Online And Internet Marketing)

Follow Him On Twitter : @ramkarthik

Name : Shruti Nair (Shruti)

Location : India (Madurai)

The funn creater of Coffeeclub, just give her any topic will make you laugh to the core or make the whole Coffeeclub members laugh at you to the core (My personal Exp). Crazy about Guitar, Very Lazy Blogger, superb adorable friend of all Coffeeclub members, My Awesome BRO who follows "How I Met Your Mother" as her religion.

Website : Shruticute continues

Follow Her On Twitter : @rehna_tu

Name : Arun Basil Lal (Arun)

Location : India (Chennai)

Arun is a wordpress master. Awesome friend, will thank each and everyone who RT his tweets, when it comes to #followfriday this guy wont leave behind any of his followers, SEO and Tech Lover. "I Blog Till I Drop and Tweet When I Drop", will help at time when you ask him.

Website : Million Clues (Pro Blogging Tips, Tech Tutorial, First Hand Reviews.)

Follow Him On Twitter : @ArunBasilLal

Name : Harish Krishna (Harish)

Location : India (Chennai)

Harish is one of the young member of the Coffeeclub (just 14 years), a smart kid, will give such superb idea on anything you demand for it. young Blogger, Internet Marketer,movie watcher, music lover and a great sportsman

Website : Blogging Kid

Follow Him On Twitter : @harishkrishna

Name : Katharnavas (kathar)

Location : India (Madurai).

Katharnavas is famous RT and also for giving superb links. His tweeps are globally famous. Web Developer & Open Social Application Developer &Blackberry Application Developer by profession (Working as a Senior Software Developer).

Website : NA

Follow Him On Twitter : @katharnavas

Name : Aloysius Raj (Far1983)

Location : India (Adyar, Chennai)

He's heartthrob of Adyar (Chennai), He's single always ready to get mingle n jingle. a cool dude of Coffeeclub, always smiling you can very well exp on his DP

Website : Am I Good At This (Me, Myself, My Thoughts, My Experience, My Dreams, My Life)

Follow Him On Twitter : @far1983

Name : Ranjani Ravi (Rampantheart)

Location : India

She's very Enthusiastic person when it comes to Twitter or Coffeeclub, she superb aspiring writer, great thinker, a bibliophile and also an enthusiastic admirer of philosophy.

Website : The Voices Within (Hungry Minds Fed.)

Follow Her On Twitter : @rampantheart

Name : Farrhad.A (Farrhad)

Location : India (Mumbai)

One of the youngest person in Coffeeclub. Smart Kid always bubbling with ideas, superb blogger and also Designer at this young age. An awesome Guitarist who's always there to help his friends at anytime.

Website : Farrhad

Follow Him On Twitter : @farrhad

Name : Ishmeet (Ishme3t)

Location : India (Punjab)

To say about this person He's 19 unemployed and very lazy but but wants to become a Rock star, very friendly person. This person is always busy wont be online most of the time in Twitter but don't know how he comes online at the perfect time when people are having funn together. Will be there at rite time at rite place that's Ishmeet.

Website : NA

Follow Him On Twitter : @ishme3t

Name : Denise Heng (Snowrose)

Location : Indonesia (Medan)

To say about Denise may be iam not the correct person because haven't spoke to this person much but but me believe have heard much about this person from others, one of the them is Milana who knows Denise very well. Actually these two people are very close friends and have also met together for a Coffee. Hope in my next i get a chance to write about you in brief.

Website : NA

Follow Her On Twitter : @sn0wrose

Name : Nathan Reid (nathanreid)

Location : Finland

Nathan is a very friendly guy who's very active in Coffeeclub, You will find him online on Twitter most of the time, will sure RT your tweet if like it.

Website : NA

Follow Him On Twitter : @nathanreid

Name : Shailee (shaileelathe)

Location : India (Kanpur)

Shailee is very silent person of Coffeeclub, very hard to find her online, She's an awesome writer just check her blog you will exp that. you rock Shailee be more active in Coffeeclub.

Website : Shailee Lathe (Love Laugh Live)

Follow Her On Twitter : @shaileelathe

Name : Ganesh (ganeshsrinivas)

Location : India (Chennai)

Ganesh is another young person of Coffeeclub, kid at heart but he's Internet Marketer, i don't know how these kids come up with brilliant idea's you people rock dude. Also superb blogger.

Website : Online Bull (Smashing Internet Marketing Tips)

Follow Him On Twitter : @ganeshsrinivas

Name : Pritesh Gupta (Priteshgupta)

Location : India (Delhi)

Pritesh is a very kind person who loves to blog, tweep, eat and also to study. Pritesh is also known as PG because i heard many saying PG rather Pritesh.

Website : Pritesh Gupta.Com (Fresh Techie News)

Follow Him On Twitter : @priteshgupta

Name :
Vanda (Vewe)

Location :

Vanda aka Vewe is very famous and sister of many Coffeeclub members, she loves pigs and panda all the time giving super duper panda hug to each and every Coffeeclub member. Very expert in throwing stuffs if u impress her she might throw rose on you or else she might throw whole rose plant with the pot tryin to break your head lol her one liner "I say what i mean and i mean what i say".

Website : NA

Follow Her On Twitter : @vewe

Name: Nurul Ambia(Nurul54)

Location : Kuala Lumpur

Nurul is also famous in throwing stuffs like @vewe but a very nice and kind person at heart, like @cheth me and many others even Nurul likes to wear shades, she even made me to join a club only for people with shades. Nurul's Bio "
I exist for those for whom I exist!"

Website : NA

Follow Her On Twitter : @Nurul54


! ky on May 24, 2009 at 12:17 PM said...

Guys if anything i typed wrong or anything you want me to change just do let me know will do it.

cheth on May 24, 2009 at 12:20 PM said...

Good job! :) I appreciate the time you spent behind this blog post :)

Sudha on May 24, 2009 at 5:02 PM said...

Great work !ky!!! very nice intro of #coffeeclub members! really interesting to read about the members of #coffeeclub and your personal touch about the members makes the post more interesting! *cheers*!!

Mil@n@ on May 25, 2009 at 11:16 AM said...

great work ky!! thank you for the effort and your special personal touch made it sounds so special.


shruticute on June 11, 2009 at 1:12 AM said...

Cute! :) Nice work!

manikandan k on August 13, 2009 at 8:59 PM said...

Hi dudes,
this is mani from chennai. I would like to join in Cofeeclub. Still i am newbie in blogosphere, i will make my s/w profession into Blogger and SEO analyst.

Like to be one of your community member.


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