Monday, April 12, 2010

Enough Is Enough.

Sometime things go out of hands, that doesn't mean you cant get it back. If we all join hands and come together everything can be solved. In the previous post Arun reminded us how happy we were last year on the the very same date but its total opp this year. I dont want to things to change so fast between us, after all we are #CoffeeClub FRIENDS.

No matter wat i will always be a friend to all the fellow members of this club whom so ever it may be. Iam just raising my hand for a High Five, Whom so ever feel the same and think its good to come back again and rock the party can raise their hand and give a High Five Comment.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Memoirs of a Phenomenal Easters Eve

Last year on Easters eve (it was the 11th of March last time) something cool happened in the #coffeeclub. Well it was not called #coffeeclub then, the group didn't have a name.

But unlike the present, where everyone is busy with something on their own, most of us were free and we used to chat every day. Good old days.

On this particular day, we had decided to talk about Adsense and fixed on a hashtag #AdsesneTalk. If I remember it right, it started with @cheth @dharshana and @venksh and me. Everyone loves to talk about money on twitter, so many others joined in.

And Guess what? Soon #AdsesneTalk was trending. It once hit the top third position of trending topics and then moved to the seventh spot and stayed there for a while.


Twitter was way less crowded those days, and it was easier to make a topic trending.

That day we made a lot of new friends, some stayed for a while some still linger. The best thing that happened would be the discovery of @rmilana (You will never know what her handle or DP would be at any given time, she changes it every now and then :P )

The talk was so engaging that I even forgot to leave for church for Easter service. I was late. Who cares? It sure was a day to remember :)

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