Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S the well known TV series,i even have a collection of all the season in DVD so that i can watch it over and over.It's really entertaining with the characters,plot,jokes and a great messages of a friendship.It is too bad that the series has stopped at season 10.

So,here I want to share this video on youtube with title "Superfriends meets Friends",you all should check it out and enjoy the laugh.

You can also check the other video,but i think that one was the funniest. :D

And also you should see this FRIENDS bloopers - behind the scene :

So,what do you think? i hope you all have a good laugh!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A blog post wishes

Some people might running out of some ideas for a blog post,so here are some ideas that i have,these idea that i wish someone would write about it in a blog :
1. How to decide a blog post title
2. A list of a quizzes to know how geeky you are
3. How to start a social media sites
4. How to get a fresh new idea from a blog's comment
5. Criteria of a blog comments
6. Is it important to reply to every comment on your blogs?
7. How Social media site effecting your life
8. How Internet replace the TV
9. Will you kill for a good site name?
10.How to choose a picture for your blogs
There you go, somewhere someone might have posted those ideas on a blog, so feel free to leave the link on the comment box.If you decided to use one of those ideas,just link back to this blog post.
Thank you and happy blogging!
Image credit : Heberger sites

What in the name..?

How do you decided to name your blog? what will be the point or the meaning behind your blogs name?
We know (especially a blogger) when we want to start our blog,we have to think about the name that we will use for the blog.
Some people might use their name for their blog, for example Cheth Studios that belong to Cheth or my blog milana impersonating milana that belong to me :D and some might choose another unique name for their blogs that can be a description of the blog itself such us Million Clues a blog by Arun Basil Lal.
Behind that name of "a million clues",we will certainly get the point where that blog will provide you a million clues of tech,blog tips etc.
It is important to choose a unique or catchy names for your blog,in that way people will notice or knows instantly what they will get from your blog,or the name will be known as your trademark as well.
In a short saying : your blog name is your "promises" to your reader.
I come to this 5 top reasons of why you use "the name" for naming your blog :
1.It is short and simple
2.unique words/sentence
3.easy to memorise can be from any language in the world.
5.It can be your own name
Check out Arun Basil Lal's new blog : The Kuttappi and check out its meaning at the about page
Do leave your comment of why and how you choose the name for your blog in the comment box.
Thank you
Image credit : AchewBokehmon

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